When you compare estimates from the various shops for collision repair in San Fernando Valley, do you only look at the price? While the cost of the repair is one important factor, there’s another, more important factor to consider: quality.

Think about it: spend $500 on a repair job that will last you 1 year, or spend $1,000 on a repair job that will last 4 years. Anyone can see that quality always trumps low prices!

But how can you find a body shop you can trust? What else should you consider when comparing body shop estimates?

  1. Certifications — There are a number of certifications and licenses that are necessary in order for any body shop to operate. But these are just the bare minimum–you want proof that the body shop is top quality! I-CAR Gold Certification is only given to body shops who meet high standards of excellence in repairs, customer service, business practices, and ethics. Any body shop with an I-CAR Gold Certification is worth considering.
  2. Quality Parts –– In low-quality repair shops, you’ll hear the word “aftermarket” used to describe vehicle parts. Essentially, these aftermarket parts are “imitations” of the original parts used by the manufacturer. They are lower-quality and more prone to breakage. You should look for a body shop that offers the best quality parts, which means Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. They will be pricier, but they will last MUCH longer and will be better for your car in the long run.
  3. Financing –– Vehicle repairs can be pricey, and not all insurance companies are willing to cover the costs of top-notch repairs. A good body shop will have financing options to help you figure out the best ways to cover your repair costs. You want a body shop that cares more about getting you back on the road with a car in good condition than getting paid right away.
  4. Additional Services — What services does the body shop provide to help you get around while your vehicle is being repaired? Do they offer a loaner vehicle, provide shuttle service, or have connections with rental car companies? Can they offer you free towing and free estimates? These aren’t the most important factors to consider, but they will be part of what helps you make the final decision.
  5. Guarantee — In the end, you want a body shop that provides a guarantee on everything–not just the parts used, but also their repairs. This proves that the body shop has confidence in their work and the quality of their repairs. Plus, if there are any problems in the future, it’s always good to know you can have them handled free of charge!

These are the most important factors to consider when comparing estimates. Never sacrifice quality for a lower price!

About the Author: Network Auto Body is proud to be the #1 collision repair shop in San Fernando Valley. With I-CAR Gold Certification, we are the recommended repair center for dozens of dealerships in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

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