Frame Straightening

Frame straightening

Did you know that most of the safety features of your car are built right into the frame? Read any crash test report, and you’ll see that the shape, size, and structure of your vehicle are designed specifically to protect the occupants of the vehicle (you and your family) from serious injury.

But what happens if the structure of your vehicle is compromised in a collision? You may not be able to see the structural damage (it’s hidden by the paneling and body), but if the frame has been bent, twisted, or crumpled, it may result in more serious injury to yourself and your passengers in a future accident.

Not on Network Auto Body’s watch!

Why You Need Frame Straightening

Your vehicle is engineered to respond in a very specific way in a collision. Vehicles are built using two different methods:

Unibody — This means your vehicle is built with all of the components built into the vehicle’s body. Most vans, all cars, and some SUVs/crossovers are built with the Unibody design.

Frame –– This means your vehicle’s body component is seated atop a frame, thus increasing the strength of the vehicle. Larger SUVs and most trucks are built using the Frame.

Regardless of what method of construction, you need to realize that your vehicle’s body is your best protection against injuries in a collision. If that structure is damaged, you are at a much higher risk–and the injuries could be more serious.

Think about it: your suspension and mechanical assemblies are mounted directly to the frame. If the structure is compromised, those moving parts will not function properly. You could place more strain on your engine, wear down your tires unevenly, reduce vehicle control, and affect handling. Not a good idea!

Thankfully, Network Auto Body has a simple solution: Frame Straightening.

When you bring your vehicle into the Network Auto Body location of your choice, we examine it thoroughly to evaluate the damage to your vehicle’s frame. If there is structural damage detected, we mount the vehicle on a Frame Alignment Machine. The machine is designed to straighten the vehicle’s frame and return it to its original factory specifications.

Once the structural repairs are complete, your vehicle will be much safer to drive. The suspension and mechanical assemblies will function correctly, as the parts will be located perfectly–just like they were when the vehicle was built in the factory. With our sophisticated measuring system, we ensure that the structural repairs to the frame are as accurate and complete as necessary.

Simply put, we restore your vehicle to factory specifications, guaranteeing that you are as safe as possible once you hit the road again. Should you find yourself in a collision in the future, your vehicle will protect you from injuries.

Contact Network Auto Body today CLICK HERE and let us help you get your car back to its pristine factory condition. We’re here to keep you safe!



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