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Who has the time to drive through Los Angeles traffic to find a body shop just to get an estimate for minor repairs? As a busy professional or at-home parent, you certainly don’t!

Thankfully, Network Auto Body has a simple solution. With our online estimate service, you can get a repair quote for your vehicle without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

How Does the Online Estimate Work?

Getting an estimate is incredibly easy:

Step 1: Fill out the form — Tell us about your vehicle (make, model, year, etc.), and let us know what sort of damage it has. The more descriptive you are, the easier it is for us to know exactly what’s wrong.

Step 2: Snap and upload photos — Get your phone or digital camera, head out to your car, and take pictures of all the damage you want repaired. Upload them to the form so we can see them as well.

Step 3: Click “Send” — Just like that, your message will be delivered to our technicians, who will evaluate your photographs and the damage description provided to determine exactly what is in need of repairs.

Within a few hours, we’ll reply with an estimate of how much it will cost to repair the damage described in your message.

Note: The Online Estimate tool is ideal for a quick estimate, but it will only be an approximate repair cost. The damage to the vehicle may be more extensive than you can see, and may only be visible once the damaged section has been disassembled and thoroughly examined. This is not a final estimate to submit to the insurance company, but is ideal to give you a rough idea of what repairs are needed and how much it will cost.

Why Get an Online Estimate?

First off, what could be better than the convenience of using the online tool? A few minutes of effort on your part, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how much it will cost you to repair your vehicle.

The estimate we provide will help you know whether to involve your insurance company or not. If the damage is minor and the repairs are inexpensive, you may decide to cover the costs yourself. But if the damage is extensive, you’ll know so you can file an insurance claim to cover the repair costs.

Thanks to our Online Estimate, you’ll have a good idea of what is needed to return your car to pristine condition!

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