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When your car is being repaired after a collision, unibody frame repair can ensure that the original performance and safety of your vehicle is maintained. Contact us for the best unibody damage repair in Los Angeles.
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Your safety depends on the structural integrity of your vehicle! Let Network Auto Body keep you safe! We will restore your car to its original factory conditions, correcting any and all structural damage to the vehicle. You can get back on the road secure in the knowledge that your car is in tip-top shape.
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How Does The Unibody Repair Work?

First of all, we examine the car for signs of structural damage. If damage is detected, we mount the vehicle on a structural alignment machine. This machine allows us to determine the extent of the damage, and provides us the tools to return the car’s structure to its factory specifications.

After the vehicle’s structure has been restored to factory specifications, severely damaged structural parts will need to be changed. The structure consists of many individual parts that are welded together to form the structural shell of the vehicle. All replaced welded parts must be installed precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications.

This is the most critical part of the repair, and is necessary to ensure that the original safety and performance engineering of the vehicle is maintained.

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Restore the structural integrity of your vehicle At Our Unibody Repair Shop In Los Angeles

You’d be surprised to discover that even a minor collision can lead to structural damage for your vehicle. Even a slight impact (to the front, rear, or sides) can affect your car’s structural integrity. Over time, a number of problems could develop, including:
  • Uneven wear on the tires
  • Unsafe or impaired vehicle handling
  • Reduced or ineffective motor function
  • Limited suspension functionality
  • Reduced control
Take steps to repair the damage before the car starts to break down! Network Auto Body helps you identify any structural damage to the vehicle, and provides full services to correct the damage. With our help, your car will be as good as new.
Unibody Repair In Los Angeles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unibody refers to a unitized body. It is a single molded unit forming both the bodywork and the chassis of a vehicle.

Unibody frame damage repair involves a special type of welding that requires heat control. It also involves straightening of twisted frames. This can be done at a Network Auto Body repair location near you.

Yes, a unibody frame can be repaired by a certified unibody repair shop, including any Network Auto Body location in Los Angeles.
A damage to the unibody frame means there is damage to the entire frame. This type of damage makes your vehicle unsafe for driving, increasing your risk of another collision.

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