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Network Auto Body is proud to be a family-owned business! We have made it our highest priority to deliver quality service to Los Angeles County since 1985, and our “customer first” attitude has made us one of the top auto body repair facilities in Southern California.
Network Auto Body in Los Angeles

Integrity Is At The Heart Of Our Success

At Network Auto Body, we strive to become the most trusted repair facility in all of California. As a family-owned business, we are highly invested in our customers’ satisfaction, our employees, our facilities and the latest technology to ensure premium quality service and maximize a vehicle’s life.

Our Core Values

At Network Auto Body, our mission is to provide exceptional automotive repair services in a family-owned environment. We prioritize safety, accountability, environmental protection, and outstanding customer service. With a skilled team, we aim to exceed expectations, ensuring the satisfaction of our valued customers while upholding our commitment to the environment.

Here are the values we at Network Auto Body hold above all else:


The goal of all our repairs is to return your vehicle to its pristine OEM specifications, ensuring that you and your precious cargo are as safe as possible. We refuse to compromise when it comes to ensuring the reliability and safety of our customers’ vehicles.


We acknowledge ownership and accountability of our actions, and accept responsibility for consequences without exceptions or excuses. If you find a single mistake or flaw in your repair job, bring the vehicle back to Network Auto Body, and we will finish the job right.

Environmental Protection

We only have one world to live in, so it would be foolish to have a cavalier “who cares?” attitude toward the environment. At Network Auto Body, we use the most environmentally-friendly materials possible, and all of our repair, finishing, and detailing processes are eco-conscious.

Customer Service

Your interests are what matter most to us! We know that a happy customer is one who will come back whenever they need help, which is why we place such importance on your happiness. We will exceed your expectations every time, and prove that you can trust us.


We’re not an auto body repair shop trying to make a quick buck. We’re all about lasting relationships, and we do whatever we can to ensure that you think of us next time you need body repair work. We offer exceptional service at a price you will be content with. We deliver the best quality repair at the lowest possible cost, all while protecting the value of your vehicle.


Continuous training and improvement are key to ensuring and maintaining the highest possible level of satisfaction among our customers. Our technicians receive frequent training and professional development in order to keep up with the changes in the auto body repair industry. We use the most advanced technology and equipment available, ensuring that our customers’ vehicles are repaired properly every time.

Exclusive Body Shop for Top Dealerships

Network Auto Body Inc. has partnered with passionate dealers who are not only experts in their market but who also share our vision of nurturing a purposeful way of doing business.

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