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Network Auto Body, a Nissan GT-R certified auto body shop, offers premium collision repair services. Our customers receive the best quality post-collision repair services, performed by our dedicated and passionate experts.

Your Trusted Nissan GT-R Body Shop In LA

Nissan featured a special certification network for its refreshed GT-R supercar. The new program, which Assured Performance described as a “re-launch,” is open to both dealerships and unaffiliated collision repair companies. Network Auto Body received a two-day, hands-on technician training program required for repairers, and became your trusted auto body shops certified for Nissan GT-R in Los Angeles.

Why Choose Network Auto Body?

Network Auto Body is the best body shop in Los Angeles for the Nissan GT-R, having completed the following GT-R courses:
  • Learn about the design and construction that is unique to the GT-R.
  • Take a detailed look at the GT-R body repair manual and procedures.
  • Identify the construction materials on the GT-R.
  • Understand the repairability of the GT-R structural materials.
  • Be measured to find damage using electronic measuring.
  • Develop a repair plan on a damaged GT-R.
  • Perform hands-on aluminum panel repair.
  • Setup a repair bench to understand anchoring and pulling options.
  • Perform hands-on steel joining using (GMA) MIG and spot welding.
  • Understand the unique refinish processes for the GT-R.
  • Complete a post-test.

We Put You On The Road To Reliability

Nissan is committed to all the vehicle owners in being able to provide a quality repair option in the marketplace validated to have the right training, tools, and equipment to maintain performance and safety of their vehicles after a collision. This is equally important for the GT-R owners. The GT-R being a high performance vehicle developed with materials not typical in the everyday vehicle, requires special equipment and training of shops to ensure a proper repair. Assured Performance is a proven and trusted partner with Nissan for the collision repair provider Certification, and a perfect choice to help Nissan drive the new elite GT-R Certification program as well. Network Auto Body is a Los Angeles Nissan GT-R body shop offering reliable repair services you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, under California law, you have the right to take your car to the repair facility of your choice. Your insurance company cannot refer or recommend a shop, commonly known as “steering”, unless you specifically ask for a body shop referral.

Network Auto Body offers a Lifetime Warranty to vehicle owners, which covers all workmanship—unibody, body, and refinish work—provided by Network Auto Body. As long as you own the vehicle, the warranty is valid, and will be honored. All you need to do is present your Network Warranty, and Network Auto Body will take care of it!

Note: All parts are warrantied for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Network Auto Body uses Nissan GT-R OEM parts. OEM parts are designed to be a perfect fit for your car, come with a warranty, and maintain your vehicle warranty.

Yes, our repair process is designed to fix damaged parts and restore them to their pre-collision condition.

Exclusive Body Shop for Top Dealerships

Network Auto Body Inc. has partnered with passionate dealers who are not only experts in their market but who also share our vision of nurturing a purposeful way of doing business.

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