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Sunny Southern California is an excellent locale for cruising with the top down on convertibles or taking long road trips in any great vehicle. The sun, Pacific ocean, and long stretches of sandy shores look great. But an accident might knock your car’s frame out of position. This is why you’ll need to get your frame straightened. But what is frame straightening and how does it affect your vehicle?

The frame on your vehicle is like the spine in the human body. It holds everything together and makes it possible for you to run your errands. But if one or more parts are damaged, the entire frame could make your vehicle dangerous to drive.

Frame straightening fixes any damage when that is possible. If the frame is so damaged that repairing it is impossible, the entire vehicle likely suffered a very bad collision. That renders it useless and would total your vehicle for insurance purposes.


You might think most vehicles share the same basic frame design. If so, you would be wrong. Three types of vehicle frames are used in current-production vehicles. Those types are the following:

  • Unibody frame is used on most cars, crossovers, and minivans.
  • The ladder frame is used on most pickups, SUVs., and trucks.
  • Spaceframe is used on some costlier vehicles and is lightweight and very strong.

The unibody frame often includes crumple zones in the front or rear that are designed to absorb the energy of a collision by deforming on contact. That helps to prevent transferring the blow to the stronger passenger cabin.

The ladder frame enables greater cargo capacities and holds more weight than unibody frames. That makes them more durable and stronger than unibody frames. Due to its cost, the spaceframe is mostly used on costlier luxury vehicles.


If you ever drove a vehicle with misaligned wheels or with a tire that was damaged, you have an idea of what a bent frame could do. A vehicle with a bent frame could drift out of the lane or lose control while turning. That could prove to be deadly.

A damaged frame also might have a crack or other fracture that weakens it structurally. Much like a broken spine on your body, a broken frame cannot hold all that it could before it suffered damage. One good hit on a curb or other object could cause it to fail suddenly.

The frame also could be bent and prevent body parts from aligning properly. One or more doors might not close properly. And the fit between the hood, fenders, trunk, and quarter panels could be off. Unless fixed, your vehicle might be totaled and leave you needing a replacement


The vast majority of car owners do not have the equipment, tools, or skills needed to straighten a bent frame. The frame often includes several sections that create a single and powerful unit.

The frame usually has a front and rear section. The frame also might have a subframe that helps to make it stiffer and more durable. Any frame area could be damaged and repaired or replaced to straighten the frame and make it strong again.

Repair specialists can measure the frame and check its various angles to determine damaged parts. They can take a closer look at the damage and straighten the frame by replacing the damaged parts. We recheck the frame and ensure it is straight again before rebuilding your vehicle.

If you have any questions or need frame straightening for your vehicle, please contact us here.