All vehicles are covered with a weather-resistant coat of paint that seems impervious to damage by water, rain, snow, sleet, sun, and the other elements. But the truth is that the paint isn’t as durable as you’d think. If you’re not careful, things you come in contact with every day could ruin the paint job!

Bugs – Bugs splattered on your windshield, front bumper, and the hood of your car can do more than just mar the appearance of the vehicle. The acid in the bugs’ corpses can eat away at your car’s paint. It’s vital that you clean your car as soon as possible, using soap and water to get rid of all traces of the bugs before they damage or stain the paint.

Eggs – The day after Halloween, make it a point to get your car washed! The acid in the eggs (both white and yolk) can eat away at the clear coat protecting the car’s paint job. Worse, if the hot sun bakes the egg into the car’s surface, it can leave a nasty stain that may even damage the base coat. Eggshells can also scratch the paint job. Make sure to wash the eggs off immediately to prevent damage!

Tree Sap – Sap may react with your vehicle’s surfaces, leaving a rough spot on the paint and staining the surface. Sap can’t be removed with a simple wash, so you’ll need to apply a special polish or rubbing compound to get it off ASAP.

Tar – Tar from road asphalt can be very difficult to get off your car, and it may take a layer or two of paint with it if it’s not removed properly. If you get tar on your car, you’ll need to take it to a specialist or auto body shop to remove the tar without damaging the paint.

Food – Food does more than just stain; some foods (like coffee) contain acids that can eat away at the paint and corrode it. Thankfully, food stains are fairly easy to clean off, and they take a while to damage your vehicle.

Bird Droppings – When the hot sun hardens bird droppings on your car, it can stain your paint job and create a mess that is difficult to remove. You may see a gross mark on your car, one that won’t come off with just soap and water. That’s why it’s imperative you clean off bird droppings as quickly as possible!

These are just a few of the things that could be ruining your car’s paint job, things you come in contact with every day. It’s important that you clean your car regularly to prevent this sort of damage.

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