Maintaining the same condition of the car it came in can be quite difficult. Whether you have plans of selling it or keeping it, either way, you’ll want it to look as polished as possible. Once it loses its originality and texture, it can be a challenge to bring back the novelty of it. Appearance plays a major role in influencing the value of the car. Many people consider the condition of the paint of the car as one of the biggest factors which have the effect to devalue a car. As time goes on, car paint is exposed to certain elements that damage the shine and appearance of it. This condition is known as paint oxidation.

How does oxidation affect a car’s appearance?

Oxidation occurs when the chemicals in the car paint breakdown due to long exposure to certain elements like heat, humidity and UV rays. You will notice that as time goes by, your car begins to lose its shine and the appearance and color of the paint turns dull. In the early stages of oxidation, you will be able to notice the paint color starting to look flat. The oil present in the paint color is what gives the car the smooth glossy shine. As oxidation sets in, the color fades, doesn’t look as vibrant as before and the surface would feel uneven and dusty. You will notice the coating flake off in patches. Thus, the metal is then revealed to corrosive factors like rust.

How to prevent oxidation?

There are certain measures you can take to prevent or slow down the oxidation process.

Basic car care: washing your car often is great but you have to make sure the products you use don’t cause any harm to the car paint. Basic car care is very important in maintaining the car’s appearance. Using special car care products only and avoiding washing the car in sunlight can greatly help the paint to last longer. Using regular detergent or normal soap to wash your car can completely remove the oil and its wax coat on the paint.

Wax: car owners don’t bother about doing this but car wax is a great way to protect the car paint. It is specifically designed to prevent UV rays damaging the paint job. It.provides longer coverage and better results. Right after washing, apply car wax to prevent further damage

Stay away from the sun: try to park your car in a covered spot. Long exposure to the sun will cause the UV rays to speed up the oxidation process and damage the car further. The heat and humidity if any will also speed up the oxidation process and cause the paint job to deteriorate. Keep the car away from direct sunlight as much as possible

Repairing the damage: if you see white patches of Paint then it shows that the oxidation process has caused a lot of damage. You might need a professional to do a quick touch-up or to apply a coat of paint.