For many people, their car is one of the biggest financial investments they’ll ever make. Though much of the focus on ensuring a long lifespan is focused on its mechanical maintenance, taking care of its exterior is just as important for your car’s longevity. Below are a few top tips to help you avoid scratching your car.

1. Garage It

Keeping your vehicle in a garage or another covered structure provides protection from the primary ways it can become damaged: other people and acts of nature.

2. Keep Items Off It

Anything that has contact with your car has the potential to scratch it. This means even something as innocent as sitting your coffee cup on the roof while you put items in the backseat can result in scratches.

3. Be Vigilant When Parking

Parking lots are the scene of many dents and scratches seen on vehicles. That being said, there are some precautions you can take to reduce the chances of your car being damaged.

Try to park in a section of the parking lot that is empty. If this isn’t possible, park in an end spot so that your car’s exposure to other people and car doors is reduced by half.

Don’t double park in an effort to leave more space around your vehicle. Not only could you be ticketed for your efforts, but other drivers might also become antagonized by it and damage your vehicle intentionally.

4. Limit Weather Exposure

Hail and fallen tree branches are just two of the common reasons for exterior damage to your vehicle. Keep it covered and avoid them.

If in spite of your best efforts, your vehicle becomes damaged, it’s important to take it to one of the auto body shops in Los Angeles. Network Auto Body is the best auto body shop in Los Angeles and has four locations. Contact us today for a free online estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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