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Summer is the best time to be out on the road, traveling to places filled with fun. Getting car troubles on the way there, however, isn’t something that anyone would look forward to. As much as you’d only want to think about the good stuff, you still need to think about what could go wrong on the road so that you can be prepared for it.

Don’t miss out on a good summer because of car problems on the road. Here are some must-have items you should bring before heading on your much-deserved vacation.

Cellphone and Charger

So you want to get off the grid for a while, cut off communication from the outside world. That’s well and good for you if that’s going to help you rest and recharge. But don’t leave your cellphone behind.

You should always have it on your person at any given point in time, for your safety. Especially when traveling alone, you should have the means to call for help or roadside assistance should the situation arise.

That said, it goes to follow that your phone charger is also crucial to the plan. Keep your phone charged as much as possible so that you can call for help quickly. If you want to be even safer about it, try using a solar phone charger so that you can still power up your phone even when your car battery is dead, and you have no other option for a power source.

Owner’s Manual

Some people don’t necessarily care much for their cars’ owner’s manual. In case you’re one of them, at least keep it in the compartment, but don’t ever throw it out. This document is very important as it gives you all the information you might need about your car and why it’s not working the way it should.

Tires Emergency Kit

Before pulling out of your driveway, check that you have a spare tire that you can replace your busted tire with. To do that, you would also need the tire jack to help make changing tires easier for you.

Not all tire problems would automatically require tire replacements, anyway. Sometimes, it’s just a minor air leak that can be plugged in simply. Bring a tire sealant to address smaller issues.

Completing your emergency kit should include a screwdriver, swiss army knife, and wrenches to let you do any other tinkering that you would need to do.

Roadside Flares

There’s no telling what time you’ll have car issues. If it turns out to be at night, especially if you’re in a remote place, it’s best if you have roadside flares to alert others of your location. If you’d instead not handle flares, you can use reflective triangles instead.

It works just as effectively in alerting other motorists about your car troubles without the risk of injuring yourself from handling a live flare. This is also the preferred option, especially if you’re traveling with children.

No-Spill Gas Can

You don’t want to be caught unprepared in case your car runs out of gas. Especially in long stretches of roads, gas stations can be very few and far between. You’d want to have at least enough to tide you over until the next stop, where you can fill up for gas.

Two to five gallons’ worth should be enough for this. Remember to seal it tight and completely, so you don’t have to worry about having a spilled gas canister at the back of your car.

Snacks and Drinking Water

Bring snacks and drinking water to minimize the unnecessary pit stops at convenience stores. The fewer stops you make, the sooner you can get to your destination. Apart from this, however, it’s essential to stay hydrated under the summer sun.

If your car does break down in the middle of the road, at least you have some snacks to keep you full and water to keep you hydrated.