As we all know, collisions can be quite scary. When a vehicle is involved in a collision,it can damage your car beyond the dents you see on the surface. A strong impact can cause misalignment of your car’s frame. A damaged frame can lead to long-term performance and structural issues with your car. If the frame of your car was bent out of shape as a result of an accident, it can negatively affect your car’s sturdiness and drivability.

Thankfully, Network Auto Body can assist with frame straightening services. Network Auto Body is tailored to cater the most challenging repairs. Frame straightening requires specific hydraulic tools. Most independent garages and workshops are not equipped to work on frame straightening repairs. Conversely, reputable auto body shops have the tools, and the experience personnel needed for such demanding tasks.

Frame Straightening at Network Auto Body

Being involved in an accident at just about any speed can impact your car’s frame. For this reason, it is necessary to go to an auto body shop with dedicated tools. Many professional auto body shops like Network Auto Body use state-of-the-art computerized tools to assess the conditions of the car’s frame after an impact. Even when the frame looks relatively in good shape after a collision, the structure might have weakened due to the accident. Many frames are designed with special crumple zones, which are essentially weak points and are designed to give way during a collision. This is a precaution that aims to protect the occupants of a car when involved in a big accident.

Frame Cutting

In most cases, the frame can be restored after the accident. However, sometimes the damage is too great, requiring a process known “frame cutting.” Frame cutting is the process of technicians cutting out damaged metal frame, then welding the metal, and finishing by replacing the pieces with new ones. This is considered one of the best methods to enhance the safety and durability of the frame after collision damage.

In conclusion, there are many ways to go about repairing your vehicles’ frame. One thing you should not do is drive the car when you believe there may be issues after being involved in a collision. As you might know, the frame of your car doesn’t just have aesthetic purposes. It is highly important for the purpose and functionality of your vehicle. Make sure you consult with your trusted auto body shop or come by Network Auto Body so you can have an experienced professional technician inspect your vehicle. This will give you peace of mind, and it is the first step towards getting your car back on the road, as safely as possible!

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