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5 Common Problems That Occur After A Car Collision

Car collisions are jarring experiences that can cause both physical and emotional damage. After ensuring your safety and dealing with the immediate aftermath, you’ll likely find yourself facing another challenge – repairing your vehicle.

Network Auto Body is an experienced auto body collision repair center that can help you navigate any repair issues you come across. This includes some of the most common forms of hidden damage after a car collision.

1. Lights Need to be Replaced

One of the most visible and immediately noticeable issues after a collision is damage to your car’s lights. Whether it’s your headlights, taillights, or turn signals, these components are often vulnerable in an accident. Cracked or shattered lights not only reduce your visibility on the road but can also lead to costly fines if not addressed promptly.

Solution: Replacing damaged lights is a relatively straightforward task for an experienced auto body collision repair shop like Network Auto Body. Our experts will ensure that the new lights are properly aligned and functioning, ensuring your safety on the road.

2. Alignment Problems

Alignment issues are another common problem that arises after a car collision. Even a minor impact can throw off your car’s wheel alignment, resulting in steering problems and uneven tire wear. Neglecting alignment problems can lead to more significant issues down the road, affecting your vehicle’s overall performance and safety.

Solution: Addressing alignment problems requires professional expertise. Our technicians use advanced equipment to precisely align your wheels, ensuring that your vehicle drives smoothly and efficiently.

3. Suspension Problems

The suspension system of your car plays a crucial role in providing a comfortable and stable ride. Unfortunately, it’s often among the components most affected by a collision. Damage to the suspension can lead to a bumpy, uncomfortable ride and compromised handling.

Solution: A thorough inspection by our skilled technicians can identify suspension damage and the extent of the repairs needed. We’ll work to restore your vehicle’s suspension to its pre-collision state, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience.

4. Transmission Issues

While transmission problems may not always be immediately apparent after a collision, they can develop over time if not addressed. The force of impact can affect your car’s transmission system, leading to shifting issues, unusual noises, or fluid leaks.

Solution: If you notice any signs of transmission trouble after a collision, including leaks, it’s essential to have your vehicle inspected promptly. Our experienced mechanics can diagnose and repair transmission issues, preventing more extensive damage and costly repairs down the line.

5. Electrical Issues

Modern vehicles rely heavily on complex electrical systems to function correctly. Even a seemingly minor collision can disrupt these systems, causing electrical issues that range from malfunctioning sensors to complete system failures. These problems can affect various aspects of your vehicle, from airbags, to lights, to entertainment systems.

Solution: Diagnosing and repairing electrical issues requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Our technicians are trained to identify and resolve electrical problems, ensuring that your vehicle’s systems function as intended.

Fix Auto Collision Damage Right Away

Delaying or neglecting repairs after a car collision can lead to several potential issues:

1. Safety Concerns: Damaged lights, misaligned wheels, and compromised suspension systems can significantly impact your vehicle’s safety and handling. Ignoring these issues puts you and your passengers at risk on the road.

2. Costly Repairs: What may start as a minor problem can escalate into a more extensive and expensive repair if left unattended. Addressing issues promptly can save you money in the long run.

3. Moving Violations: Driving a vehicle with damaged lights or faulty systems can lead to traffic violations and fines. It’s essential to keep your vehicle roadworthy to avoid moving violations.

4. Resale Value: The condition of your vehicle affects its resale value. Properly repaired and well-maintained cars command higher prices in the used car market.

Contact Us If You Need Auto Body Collision Repair

A car collision can create a range of problems that, if not addressed promptly, can lead to safety hazards, financial burdens, and legal issues. Network Auto Body understands the importance of fixing auto collision-related issues promptly and effectively. Our advanced auto collision technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and repair these common problems, ensuring that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy once again.

If you’ve been in a car collision and are experiencing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a collision repair estimate in Los Angeles. Our commitment to excellence in auto body collision repair extends to addressing these common post-collision problems, providing you with peace of mind and getting you back on the road safely.