If your car has been involved in a severe accident, it would need to spend considerable time at a repairs shop. You wait with bated breath for the return of your beloved vehicle, and finally, you get the call that your car is ready and can be taken. However, you find yourself growing nervous. Can you be sure that the repair shop has done its job correctly? How to ensure that the body work done is up to the mark? This can be difficult for someone who has not faced a similar situation before. Let us provide you with some ideas on how you can gauge whether the repair shop has done its job correctly.

Cleanliness of the vehicle
The first thing that you need to make sure is that your car is clean optimally, both interiorly and exteriorly. Inspect it thoroughly to ensure that it has been washed, and vacuuming has been done. Everything from the floor mats to the engine needs to be clean. Furthermore, there should be no old parts lying around in the car. A clean car gives the impression the auto shop is a professional one. The car speaks of their reliability, and thus, you are more inclined to believe that they have done an excellent job.

Inspecting the repaired areas
Once the initial inspection is over with, you need to be a little more thorough. You now have to pay attention to the areas of the car that have been repaired. Make sure that there are no uneven gaps in the seams of the body panel. Open and close the hood, doors, and trunk to ensure that you do not hear any rubbing sound and everything opens easily while closing securely. All the hoses and wires should be connected. Inspect your headlights, paying attention to the beam alignment. Take a look at the paint and finish of the car as well.

Uncovering the mistakes in auto paint jobs
During collision repair, it is quite challenging to make sure that the paint matches with the rest of the vehicle. If there is still paint fading remaining, it implies that a bit of tint has to be added by the technicians to ensure that the car gets a well-finished look. Make it a point to pick your car during day and take a look at it in sunlight. Take a close look before stepping backward and inspecting it again. This should tell you if there are any inconsistencies in the panel paint. Try to find if the problem is owing to dirt specs, overspray or hairs.

Some other flaws to look for
It is always advisable to make sure that the collision repairs have been completed properly in the initial stages. This can save you from a lot of trouble later. It might be a good idea to give your vehicle a test drive before you approve the work. Pay heed to any noises that you hear while driving. Pay exquisite attention to any issues that you might face with regards to the handling or performance of the vehicle.

Final words
If the results of the inspection are not at par with your expectations, you have full right to demand rework. You can refuse to sign off till everything appears satisfactory. Doing your own inspection makes sure that you do not have to face any problem on the road, and you can drive your vehicle without any fear.

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