How can collision repair techs match the finish of your car with such a high degree of accuracy?

It might not be surprising, but paint jobs are perhaps among the most popular services offered by car repair shops and auto body technicians. Whether you’re looking to restore a damaged car to its original shape, or you are simply looking for a different look, painting is always relatively the best solution. In some cases, however, you might want to match the new coat of paint with the original finish of your vehicle. You might have looked at a lot of horrific images on the web, with cars that have been painted shoddily. When the new colors really stick out like a sore thumb, it might be awkward and painful to behold for any OCD person out there! Thankfully, “horror stories” are actually easy to avoid, because there are many methods to achieve beautiful and spotless results. An experienced auto body repair technician is going to know what to do, so if you entrust your prized car to a shop that you trust, you are surely going to be in good hands!

How to Match Paint For your Automobile

How do they do it? How is it possible to make the new paint layers look exactly like the old one? Knowledge, good materials (paint) and good equipment are at the core of it all.
In most cases, it is actually easy to repair a car after most collisions. However, some owners might be concerned that the brand-new paint job is not like the original finish of the car.

Thankfully, the vast majority of car repair technicians out there are able to seamlessly match the original paint job of your car with their methods and technologies. Keep reading in order to find out more about how they do it!

Fix All Repairs Prior to Paint

Repainting vehicles after a collision repair it is one of the most common procedures, and it is an essential part of finishing the job, no pun intended!

Matching the original color of the paint that’s already on your car, it’s very important. In order to achieve the most seamless results, there are many elements that fall into place. First off, you should consider working with a company that hires well-trained autobody technicians who know what they’re doing. In addition to that, high-quality equipment really helps as well!

The best facilities often have access to state-of-the-art machines and tools that are at the core of the process.

It is also critical to match the right paint codes to get them to an identical result.

Paint Drying

Paint drying times can also be extremely important because usually, the paint will become darker when it takes a lot longer to dry. In some cases, the quality of the result will also largely depend on the type of paint used on vehicles. It is quite possible to restore most original and commercial finishes to perfection. While it might be a bit trickier to bring custom jobs back to life if the owner (or whoever did the original paint job) used some unusual paints for the project.

Some people are even able to get assistance from their car brand directly, meaning that they can have the dealership restore.

Ultimately, achieving consistent results is not a magic formula, and there isn’t a single way to achieve that. It is a combination of experienced craftsmanship, as well as quality tools and professional ethics.

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