Getting a dent in your car, whether you caused it or someone else did, can be annoying and frustrating. But if it’s a small dent you may not be too worried about getting it fixed. Unfortunately, leaving that dent could lead to more problems down the road, so be sure to get it fixed quickly. Here are three of the best reasons why you want a certified body shop to fix that dent right away.

1. Rust Spots

If the dent damaged or cracked the paint, water can get to the metal of the car’s body and start a rust spot. Over time, that spot will grow and expand, and the rust can become worse. An authorized body repair shop can fix the dent before the rust starts to appear, so you won’t have to pay a lot for a more expensive repair later on.

2. Damage to the Paint

Many dents cause cracks in the paint, and over time that paint can start to flake off and peel away. It can also appear faded and washed out, which just doesn’t look good. If you find a way to treat the damage before it gets any worse, you won’t have peeling paint and other issues. A certified body shop can help you stop paint damage quickly.

3. Poor or Lower Resale Value

Eventually you’ll want to sell your car, or trade it in on something else. If you’ve had an authorized body repair shop fix all the dents quickly, you’ll likely have a higher resale value. Cars with dents don’t command as much money, because people see that they need to be fixed up. They also just don’t look as nice, so a buyer or a dealership may not want to pay as much. With a certified body shop to help fix dents fast, you won’t have to worry about those kinds of problems.

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