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It is a common misconception that every problem regarding car repair or maintenance is the work of a mechanic and they are well qualified to handle all auto repair issues but this is certainly not the case. It is very important to know the basic things about the maintenance of your car that includes where you would go to repair the damages. Certainly, an auto body and mechanic have some similarities that is why people are not fully aware of the difference between them. However, they both have distinct traits and we are here to help you recognize it!

What does an auto body repairer do?

An auto body shop also known as collision centers, performs a complete evaluation and diagnoses of its appearance and body finding the mishaps of your vehicle, they can repair damages from vehicle accidents, dents, bumps or tire issues and to major issues like repairing a technical part or rebuilding an entire part of the car and believe it or not they can make your car appear brand new and as if it has never been touched.

The technicians at auto body shop use different tools for their work like pneumatic tools, metal-cutting guns, metal files, pliers, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and plasma cutters to repair minor and basic damages but for major critical damages they use heavy-duty hydraulic jacks and hammers. They repair all types of vehicles, but primarily on cars, sports vehicles, and small trucks. They not only control damages but also provide facilities of deep interior cleaning, cracked windshield and all sort of paint jobs. These technicians often work in large workshops and in teams, each team member specializes in a different area and will come together for the repairs. Making your car look exquisite.

What does a mechanic do?

Car damages are not always visible and unfortunately, you may not be able to identify what is causing your car to make noises or why it’s not functioning properly. In these circumstances, the mechanic is your superhero and comes to your rescue and diagnoses the damages with their various tools, this is why when it comes to evaluating the core problems of your vehicle, a mechanic is your ultimate stop.

People may get confused between an auto body and a mechanic and we do not blame them because if you are not aware of the technicalities and responsibilities of these two you may find both of them similar. However, there is a difference while an auto body is a collision center that works on the appearance and body of the vehicles, mechanics are trained workers to perform internal analysis, daily repairs and maintenance on motor vehicles. They use different tools to identify the problem like plugging the car into a computer system through a reader which identifies which part is problematic and when these devices couldn’t identify the problem they do not resist to dig in the car and take a look themselves. When a car meets a collision and there is no damage apparently, a mechanic is good to go to repair the internal damage of your car.

An amateur can fix the problem of your car but it may not be too long until the problem resurfaces. It is very important to consult the right people for the problem of your car. While an auto body panel makes sure that everything inside, outside is perfectly aligned, and in a mint condition, a mechanic ensures that there is no internal damage, and everything is working properly. Both auto body and mechanic have distinctive qualities, and both work exquisitely in their respective fields.