When it comes to any type of automotive repair – let alone collision repair – most people prefer to shop around and get several estimates before making a decision. But anyone who has ever done this knows that it’s uncommon for all of the estimates sought to come in the same. Yes, estimates often differ between body shops – and for a variety of reasons. This post will take a closer look at some of the key reasons behind these discrepancies.

Why the Difference?

There are various factors that play a role in the price discrepancies you get from various auto body repair shops. These include:

• Replacement part quality: Do you know if the body shop is using OEM parts? Many auto body shops may use a lesser quality non-OEM part in order to try to earn more business by offering cheaper repairs. While the cheaper price estimate can be enticing, only OEM parts offer the best quality. Bottom line: OEM parts are worth the extra cost.

• Various materials: We’re not just talking about the replacement parts itself, but everything involved in the repair process like screws, nuts, bolts, paint, etc. Different shops source materials from different vendors.

• Estimate quality: Another thing that has a tendency to play into price discrepancies is the quality of the estimate and experience of the estimator. Additionally, auto body shops have different ways of doing various repairs. One body shop, for instance, may have to dismantle a vehicle to get the job done while another body shop can do it without being so invasive.

For more information on why estimates differ between shops, and to receive a free online or in-person estimate at one of our four auto body repair Los Angeles shops, contact us today.

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