You are currently viewing WARNING SIGNS OF A BAD AUTO BODY SHOP


There will always be times when you have to take your car to a body shop. Perhaps you got into an accident, or you need to do some work to restore your car to its original pristine condition. But you want to be sure the auto body shop you’re taking your car to is one you can trust. If you notice ANY of the following warning signs, get your car out of there and take it somewhere else:

  • Too many delays – Delays are a part of life, and there will always be times when your body shop runs into unexpected problems that cause them to be a few hours or days late on the vehicle repair. But there is such a thing as “too many” delays. If the shop is continually missing the completion date, it’s time to look for a shop that can finish the job on time.
  • Rude behavior – Customer service is the key to turning a one-time client into a repeat customer. Don’t deal with any body shop that has rude, apathetic, or impolite personnel. Their attitude toward you, the customer, is often reflected in the quality of the repairs they make on your vehicle.
  • Price changes – When a body shop gives you a price, they ought to stick to it! A few unexpected repair costs now and again may not be too bad, but any shop that keeps tacking on repair costs is one to be very wary of. The low repair price they initially quote may be just a tactic to get you in the door. Once they have your vehicle, they’ll keep raising the prices to keep making money off you.
  • Poor appearance – You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge an auto body shop by its presentation. Is the shop neat, clean, and organized, or is it messy, dirty, and sloppy? How do the technicians, receptionists, and managers look? If you get a slovenly vibe from the body shop, take your car somewhere else, somewhere the people are as clean as the shop itself. The appearance of the body shop and its staff are definitely a metric to use to determine the quality of service.
  • Evasive behavior – When you ask for a price estimate, the body shop should be able to provide you with a written or printed copy of the estimated prices. It’s something you can use to hold them to the price they quoted for their services. But if the body shop is evasive in their explanations, or they’re unwilling to give you a written estimate until they have taken your car apart, it’s a sign something’s not right.

Working with a bad body shop can leave a sour taste in your mouth. That’s why you need to ensure you find a car repair shop you can trust, one you know will provide an honest, quality service.