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Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home or office; your car could also use some much-needed TLC during this time of the year. Free from the clutches of winter, your car now has a better chance at getting the maintenance it deserves in time for spring.

The most significant benefit of keeping your car well-maintained, of course, is that you avoid getting car troubles, which could cost you a great deal of money. By nipping those issues in the bud with these handy car maintenance tips this season, you let your car bloom to its full potential.

Check the Fluids

Older cars tend to not fare as well during the winter, which is why owners are more likely to leave it at home to avoid getting car troubles on the road. However, out of sight most often equates to out of mind, which neglects the car’s components, including its fluids.

Once spring rolls in, we highly recommend that you bring in your vehicle to a trusted car shop for a quick fluid check. By replacing what needs to be replaced, you’re making sure that everything is in optimal condition. The essential fluids that need your attention include the brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid, and the coolant.

Change Air Filter

Nobody likes a stuffy car, so it’s imperative to check your car’s air filter to ensure that it’s not clogged by debris. You may not realize it, but a clogged air filter can have a huge, negative impact on engine performance. How huge, you ask? Up to 10% when it comes to your gas mileage.

For a component that you can immediately change for little cost, at just $10 to $15, you might as well get to it the soonest that you can before the problem becomes worse.

Check Your Tires

Now that winter is over, you can tuck away your snow tires, at least until the next time winter comes around. In the meantime, all-season tires should be suitable to use for now. If you’re not using new ones, check that the treads are still in good condition. Once installed, set the tire pressure to the recommended 30-32 psi for best use.

Inspect Auto Body for Defects

Winter is undeniably a challenging season. For some people, your car has taken quite the hit not only from heavy snow but also other debris on the road. It’s difficult to truly see any damages incurred on the road when covered in winter elements unless it’s a massive incident. However, once the dust clears, it should be an excellent time to see if there might have been any dents and dings on the body of your vehicle. You should also be looking into chipped paint and rust, especially following an entire season of exposure to snow or, at the very least, cold, biting air.

When checking for rust, don’t just look at the surface of the auto body. Take a look at the under chassis as well, and even in the interior. Give the body a good, thorough wash and give it that sparkling shine for the new season.

Freshen Up Interiors

Speaking of the interior, you might also want to freshen up your car’s insides by upgrading the upholstery. If you don’t want to spend all that much on it, we recommend giving it a good shampoo and detail wash.

All of these simple tips can help you better enjoy using your vehicle in the spring. Make it a habit to make the most out of your car for longer.