Car detailing is when your vehicle is cleaned and polished meticulously and inside and out thoroughly. This process can not be done by a typical car cleaner and instead requires a professional detailer to perform this process. Car washing and car detailing are not the same, as car washing is done by automated machines, whereas car detailing is done by hand by professionals. Car detailing does not include paintwork or physical body repairs but eliminates scratches that are inflicted on the car’s body over time.

This thorough process is divided into two parts; Interior Car Detailing and Exterior Car Detailing. The most utilized aspect of a vehicle is the interior rather than the exterior. Car detailing includes cleaning the glass from the inside, vacuuming the floor mats, the seats and the trunk of the car to get rid of all the unwanted garbage, and perfuming the vehicle, so the car not only looks good but smells good as well. Car detailing optimizes the whole driving experience for the driver. Exterior car detailing is a longer process than interior detailing, because the body may have scratches and swirls, which detailers spend time to eliminate. Exterior car detailing includes polishing and sealing to get that glossy shine you find in a car showroom. Hand washing and drying to clean the door handles, rims, exterior glass windows help eliminate unwanted dirt. Clay is used to getting rid of any scratches and residues.

Smoother Engine

Car detailing is essential and beneficial, not only for the driver but for the vehicle as well, as for many drivers, the type of car and how they maintain that car, defines them. For the car itself, detailing it will help the engine of that car to run cooler and faster compared to a vehicle that’s not detailed. This is because the dust, debris, and dirt are stuck inside your engine, causing it to heat up and not run as smoothly.

Higher Market Value

Once you’re ready to sell your car, you will realize how car detailing has set the resale value to go high. If the car ends up with scratches and a messy paint coat, you should ask yourself, “would I buy this car, at the original price it was sold for? “The answer will be no, which is why car detailing will extend and increase the resale value of the car. Cars under mint condition and neat appearances indeed have a higher resale value. Additionally, the mileage of the vehicle will also be less due to the slow running engine, and this also extends the market value.


Detailing your car gives you personal satisfaction. Car detailing shows how much you care about your car. This satisfaction will lead you to become more confident and comfortable while driving. Car detailing will keep your car looking up to the standard, mainly if you use the car for business purposes.

Cost Reducing

Car detailing saves a lot of money in the long run. First, the amount of time you need to fill your gas tank decreases since regular car detailing ensures that the engine runs smoothly. Secondly, visits for maintenance and repair of the car are less now because the lifespan of the car is increased. Lastly, accidents are less likely to happen for people who do regular car detailing since the debris and dust on the windshield, side mirrors, or glass windows do not impair the driver’s view.

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