The people who have recently had their vehicles painted professionally will want to make sure that they don’t damage the car’s new paint. However, they will still want to get regular car washes to keep the car looking clean. People already specifically repaint their vehicles to make them look new and clean.

Newer Cars
Vehicles that have worn and uneven paint tend to look as if they’re old, even when they’re at least relatively new. A dirty vehicle can similarly look like it’s significantly older than it is. A vehicle that was painted a few days ago could still start to look noticeably older if it gets dirty.

Fortunately, people usually won’t have to worry about these issues after their vehicles are painted. It’s often a good idea to keep vehicles in covered areas after they’ve been painted very recently, which will help preserve the paint and keep it at an important stage.

People who have enough garage space should try to keep their freshly painted vehicles in those garages for a couple of weeks. There are other temporary covers that people can use if they typically store their vehicles outdoors.

The car owners who successfully keep their vehicles clean after they’ve repainted them won’t have to worry about cleaning their cars when it’s too early to do so. Many people will try their best to limit their driving for around two months after repainting or painting their vehicles.
It’s sometimes better to have cars repainted during the year when people expect the overall weather to be mild. This might not be an option for people in all areas. However, if it is, they should try to plan when having their vehicles repainted.

Cleaning Schedules
Usually, if car owners had their vehicles repainted less than a couple of weeks ago, they should not wash them yet. Once that two-week period is over, people should be able to wash their vehicles at least gently. They should stick to cleaning their cars by hand at that point.

It’s also important to avoid using dish soap at a stage like that. Some of the chemicals in many dish soap brands might be overly harsh on the car’s new paint. Some people might decide to use soap that is a bit more natural, but it might not be as effective.

There are plenty of different soap products that were made specifically for vehicles. While some of these products are relatively strong, others are at least bit milder. Car owners may choose a somewhat smoother and gentler type of vehicle soap at this stage.

They should use a full water bucket and make sure that the soap is diluted. It’s also important to avoid scrubbing the car too vigorously at a stage like that. Simple cleaning cloths should be fine, but a brush or anything harsher could damage the modified car’s appearance.

Typical Use
If it’s been a full two months since the vehicle was painted, people can usually use their cars entirely. Many individuals have their cars professionally cleaned, and they can continue to do so when the vehicle has had its new paint for over eight weeks.

People might also want to have their cars waxed after a certain amount of time has passed. They may have to wait for around sixty days for that regardless of the type of wax. Network Auto Body and similar businesses have many services available for the people who have already updated the vehicles that they own in other ways.

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