Contrary to what you may think, your insurance company does NOT have your best interests at heart. They are a company providing a product/service that you need, but their goal is to profit from your business.

Make no mistake: most insurance companies provide quality service at a wonderful price. They are there to help you when you need them, and they can make your life easier. But if you can remember that their main priority is their bottom line, it will help you to understand the truth of these car insurance myths:

Myth: You can only take your car to body shops in the “coverage network”.

Busted: California law prohibits your insurance company from forcing you to take your vehicle to a specific location. They will “recommend” their “preferred” body shops, but in the end, the choice is entirely up to you.

Myth: If the car isn’t in the “coverage network”, the insurance company won’t guarantee the repairs.

Busted: The insurance company will usually only guarantee the repairs for 90 days to 1 year. A good body shop will offer multi-year warranties and guarantees on their work–a much better option!

Myth: “We can only get an adjuster to evaluate the damage if you choose our preferred body shop.”

Busted: This is just a trick, one meant to “steer” you toward the body shop they want you to choose. Almost all insurance companies are required to provide an estimate within 72 hours of the collision, regardless of your choice of body shop.

Myth: The insurance company will only cover rental vehicles under specific conditions.

Busted: Very few insurance companies even offer rental vehicles, though many have agreements with rental companies that allow clients to get a lower discount. Any body shop worth its salt will have similar agreements with vehicle rental companies. If the insurance company offers to reimburse you for the cost of the rental, the body shop you choose for your repairs won’t matter–only the company from which you rent the vehicle.

Myth: You can’t get an easy estimate if you don’t have your vehicle taken to a “preferred” body shop.

Busted: Most body shops will offer a free quick quote, as well as a complete estimate of the damages to the vehicle. The “preferred” body shops do not have a monopoly on quality service, and they are not the only locations that will provide estimates for free

Don’t let your car insurance company trick or pressure you into making the wrong choice! That’s not to say that all insurance reps are scam artists or strong-arm men–in fact, most of them are decent, honest people trying to make a living. They are simply taught to use these tactics. Now that you know the truth, you can make the right choice every time!

About the Author: Network Auto Body is proud to call itself one of the best auto body shops in Los Angeles. They are known for the peerless quality of their repairs and their sterling customer service.

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