Did you know that more than 3,200 people die in car accidents every day? That means more than 1.3 million deaths that occur every year are the result of vehicle collisions and malfunctions. Pretty scary thought, right?

If you want to be as safe as possible on the road, it’s important you understand what causes the majority of collisions. Here are the top 10 reasons for car accidents:
1. Drunk driving —Even a small amount of alcohol impairs your judgement, reduces your concentration, and slows your reaction time: a deadly combination that leads to a severe increase in car accidents.
2. Speeding — Exceeding the speed limit means you are driving too fast to react in cases of vehicle malfunction or incorrect driving by another driver.
3. Reckless Driving — Swerving, cutting people off, changing lanes too quickly, and taking turns too sharply can all result in loss of control, putting you and other drivers in danger.
4. Inexperience — Not knowing what to do can lead to mistakes, both making the wrong move and not reacting at all. Inexperienced drivers are more at risk of accidents, which is why insurance companies charge more for teenaged drivers.
5. Weather –– Rain, snow, sleet, and hail can make the road slick, reducing your car’s grip on the street and increasing the risk of spinning out or skidding. Fog, rain, and other low visibility conditions can stop you from seeing clearly. Very heavy winds can push you off the road.
6. Failure to stop — Stop signs are there for a reason! Intersections can be dangerous, which is why stop lights and stop signs are there in the first place. Running a red light or not stopping at stop signs can cause you to get into a serious collision.
7. Other Reckless or Unsafe Drivers –– You may be doing your part to stay in your lane, mind the speed limit, and drive safe, but other reckless drivers can cause you to get into an accident nonetheless. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to drive defensively and keep an eye on the vehicles around you at all times.
8. Night — After dark, visibility is reduced and your risk of getting sleepy increases. You run TWICE the risk of an accident after dark.
9. Distractions — Any time you check your phone, fiddle with the radio, check on your kids, or do anything that takes your eyes off the road, you put yourself at risk. Even a single moment of inattention can be fatal when you’re driving at 60 MPH.
10. Vehicle Malfunctions/Defects –– Flat tires, ineffective brakes, engine trouble, and steering trouble can all be dangerous at low speeds, but they become potentially fatal when traveling down the highway.
It’s in your best interest to drive smart and safe, and keep your vehicle in tip top condition. Let our Network Auto Body experts ensure that your car or truck is operating well at all times so you can avoid accidents!

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