So, you love your car and want to keep it looking new for years to come. How can you do that? This brief blog will reveal several keys on doing this. Some you might expect, while other keys might not have entered your mind.

Avoid Birds!

First and foremost, keep your car away from places where birds congregate. Bird droppings can get all over your car. Stay clear of trees, power poles, and the edges of buildings.

Did you know that bird poop can actually damage the exterior of your car. If it remains on your car too long, the chemicals contained within the droppings can chip away at the paint.

Avoid the Carwash!

Yes, they are a convenient way to get your car washed. However, rough cleaning brushes and harmful chemicals can damage the exterior of your car.

This is just the beginning. On top of that, you have people washing your car that might not be very careful about how they do it. Nobody will be as fastidious about being gentle with your car as you will.

Wash Your Car Often

Didn’t we just say to avoid the carwash? So, how do you keep the car clean? By doing it yourself! About every other week, take the time to wash your car with care. Stay clear of using dirty sponges to wash it and filthy towels to dry it off. The grit from prior washes will scratch the paint.

Be gentle, yet thorough when you wash. Try not to use cleaners or waxes that contain harmful chemicals.

Stay Clear of Dirt and Rough Roads

If you have a vehicle similar to a Jeep that is made for off-roading, that is one thing. However, if you have any other type of vehicle, try hard to avoid these kinds of surfaces. The dirt can ruin your paint job as well as the rims and hubcaps surrounding your tires.

For people who live where snow and icy roads are common, you likely cannot avoid running over sand or salt in your car. If this has happened, wash your vehicle as soon as you can when the weather permits.

Pay Some Attention to the Interior Too!

The exterior of your car isn’t the only part you want to look new. The interior is equally important. Depending on what your interior is made with, get some advice on which cleaning products to use. Be just as gentle when washing the interior. For that clean fresh smell through the life of the interior, invest in one of those hanging air fresheners.

Be careful not to let keys or anything sharp scratch the fabric on your seats. Remind your passengers to do the same. After a day at the beach, shake yourself off thoroughly before getting in. Why? Because you do not want sand all over the inside of your car. Not only will it look messy, but the sand can harm the interior. Enjoy your day at the beach but be mindful of the well-being of your vehicle.

Take Care of Your Windows!

Nothing can make a car look old like chips or cracks on your windows. If you get even the smallest crack, be sure to have it fixed right away. There is no telling when that chip or crack can worsen. The window could shatter and even cause harm to you or your passengers. Do yourself a huge favor and repair damaged windows ASAP.

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