Everyone is concerned about their cars. It’s a universal issue and no car owner is an exception. People are very possessive about their cars. But the one thing that people are least bothered about damaging is their car’s paint. People usually think that car paint can never be damaged. However, that isn’t true. It is very annoying to repair car paint and also very expensive. Also, some people are all about the appearance of their cars. And appearance translates to the paint technically.

Often our cars’ paint is getting damaged in our daily routine. And contrary to the popular believes vandalism is not the only thing that would damage the paint job on your car. Here is a list of things that you should try to steer clear of to protect your car paint.

1.Splattered Bugs:
The first and foremost thing that would ruin your car’s paint is splattered bugs. Bugs no matter what size they are, are very acidic. The small bugs sticking on the bonnet of your car can cause damage to the car paint without you even noticing it. If they are left unattended for long, then it might etch itself into the paint.
Bugs are usually attracted to your cars during long highway rides. Do not forget to wash your car after long drives so that the bugs can be washed away. Also, use a mild soap solution or a washcloth to remove them.

2.Brake Fluid
Brake fluids are harmful to the surface of the car. Everyone does not believe in it but it is better to be safe than sorry. When brake fluids come in contact with the car surface they can damage the paint. Silicon-based brake fluids act like paint thinner and it causes the paint to wear off.

Try using more durable car paints so that it is resistant to the fluids or be very careful while using brake fluid.

3.Spilled Fuel
Brown markings on the side of your fuel cap are an indication of the tank being full to the brim. The paint can be severely damaged due to this as it comes in contact with the topmost layer of the paint and erodes it. The stains can be extremely difficult to remove. When working with fuels keep a washcloth on hand to quickly wipe off any spills.

Even if you are super careful with your car, you can spot small scratches all over the body. That is because your fingerprints are damaging the paint little by little. Sometimes even a small touch on the body of your car can act like sandpaper and due to the dust all around leaves small marks.

No matter how much you try to avoid it, it is inevitable. Try to keep a cleaning cloth with you all the time so that you can immediately clean your car as soon as you spot dust building on it.

5.Bird Dropping
Bird excretions can be damaging to your outer surface. Bird droppings will leave a permanent mark on the outside of your car because it is acidic. It also hardens when it is exposed to the sun.

Clean your car with a washcloth as soon as you spot any droppings on it so that your car can be dropping free.

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