If you’re looking for a car painting service Los Angeles has a lot to choose from. But you want to get the right shop, and you want to make sure your car really needs the services you’re getting. So is it time for your car to have a fresh coat of paint? Here’s what to look for.

Has Your Car Been in an Accident and the Paint is Flaking, Chipping, or Damaged?
If your vehicle has been in an accident, you might find that the paint around the ding or dent has cracked. Over time, it will start to chip, peel, and flake away. Naturally, you don’t want that to happen. But if you get the car some new paint you can avoid an unsightly look and the issues with rust and corrosion that can follow.

Has Your Car’s Paint Faded From the Sunlight Through Years of Use?

Living in California has a lot of great perks, but it can also mean your car’s paint job is fading out from the bright sunlight. Over time, that dulls your vehicle’s appearance and stops it from looking shiny and new. A fresh coat of paint can really make a difference.

Is Your Car Developing Some Rust Issues That Need to be Treated?

If you see rust on your car, the time to visit a great auto body shop Los Angeles CA has to offer is now. Rust is much easier to treat when it’s just a small spot. Don’t let it get worse, or it can take longer and be much more expensive to repair. Rust treatment and a new coat of paint will have your car looking great again.

Reach out to Network Auto Body today and get a FREE online estimate, or schedule an appointment at one of our four LA locations. We’re here to help make your car look fresh and new again!

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