Although it’s rare, an automobile rollover can happen, and it’s one of the most dangerous scenarios on the roadways. Rollover accidents generally occur when a vehicle loses balance on the road, causing it to roll onto its top or side. In some situations, the automobile may roll over more than one time. These accidents are often severe, causing several injuries and even death to the driver and passengers inside the vehicle. Drivers should understand how to avoid getting into these types of accidents. They should also know what to do in the case of a rollover accident. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe in the event of a rollover accident.

Prepare for the Rollover

If your vehicle is beginning to tip and you suspect a rollover is going to happen, immediately take your foot off the gas and brake pedal to help avoid breaking your ankle. Let go of the steering wheel and cross your arms against your chest while pressing your body as far back into the seat. Make sure you don’t lean forward when the automobile rolls because this may increase the risk of broken arms, traumatic brain injury, or other serious injuries.

Remain as Calm as Possible

Once the vehicle has stopped rolling, brace your feet against the floor to help stabilize your body. Carefully check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. To effectively do this, everyone in the vehicle should run their hands over their head to check for broken glass, blood, and injuries that may not be immediately apparent. Take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves, and if anyone is injured, do not move them; call 9-1-1 immediately.

Exiting the Vehicle

If the vehicle has landed upside-down, immediately turn the engine off and assess your exit strategy. If you are upside-down and don’t appear to have any injuries, reach toward the ceiling, brace yourself with one hand and stabilize your feet on the floor of your vehicle and then undo the seatbelt. Be especially careful during this time, because this is when the highest risk of a post-roller injury may occur. Check the windows and decide which will be the safest way to get out and crawl towards the window. If the integrity of the vehicle has been compromised, the door may not open easily. If not, you will need to break or roll down a window to escape. If you choose to break a window, protect yourself from glass shards and debris when exiting. Once you are out of the vehicle, help passengers with their exit, and then quickly move away from the car.

Unfortunately, there have been people who were seriously injured by oncoming traffic as they are moving away from the vehicle that just rolled over. So, stay off the roadway instead of waiting on the shoulder, as far from traffic as possible. If you haven’t yet called 9-1-1, do so at this time and wait on the shoulder until help arrives.

If your vehicle has been damaged in a rollover accident, contact Network Auto to schedule an inspection of the damages and estimate repairs.

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