Getting a dent in your car, whether it was caused by something you did or a collision with another person, can be frustrating and annoying. It can also keep your car from looking its best, so you may want to get it fixed. There is more than aesthetics to that dent, though. Here are some reasons that go beyond looks, when you’re deciding whether to get that dent in your car fixed sooner, rather than later.

Paint Damage Gets Worse When Not Repaired

Even a small dent can scratch and fracture the paint. That damage won’t repair itself, and over time it will continue to get worse. The clear coat can start chipping and peeling away, and the paint underneath may flake and come away from the car’s metal body, too.

Over time, that not only makes the car look bad but it can contribute to further damage and a higher level of future repairs. Naturally, that’s something any vehicle owner will want to avoid, so they don’t end up spending too much or having problems with their car later.

Damage to the Paint Can Cause Issues With Rust

When there is paint damage, the metal underneath that paint can be exposed. It doesn’t take long for a vehicle to start to rust that way. Even if the dent is small, the cracks in the paint could be letting in moisture and allowing for exposure to the weather.

Rust could develop in the crack where the paint is compromised, and that rust could spread under the rest of the paint. That often results in a bigger problem than what’s easily noticeable, and over time that problem can become much more serious and costly.

Fixing a Dent Quickly Generally Costs Less Money

When a dent is small and new, it isn’t usually that expensive to fix. It is still going to cost money to repair, but if you can get the dent corrected right away, there won’t be additional damage. That’s good news for your car and your wallet.

Even with a brand new dent, it’s important to go to a quality auto body repair company. You want to make sure the dent is fixed properly for a fair price, and you may find that different shops will charge different prices for repair.

You Won’t Get as Much Money When You Sell

Depending on what caused the dent and whether you’re using insurance to cover the repair, you may need to get quotes or choose from a group of specific body shops. Choosing the right place can mean a quality repair that will help your vehicle’s resale value.

You want your car to look its best when you decide to sell it or trade it in for a different or newer model. Getting a dent repaired right away and properly adds to that resale value and will help make things easier for selling your car in the future.

There May Be More Damage Than You Can See

Even if the dent looks small and doesn’t seem to be causing a problem, there could be damage underneath that you don’t realize is there. A dented bumper cover, for example, could be concealing damage to the actual bumper that might compromise the bumper’s structural integrity.

That damage could become a safety issue for you and your passengers over time, and if you were to be involved in a collision, your vehicle might not hold up as well as it should. Getting a dent fixed right away reduces that risk, and helps keep you safe and protected on the road.

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