Network Auto Body wants you to have a safe holiday season. More people road trip during the Thanksgiving holidays as well December’s multitude of holidays. The increased number of vehicles on the road increases the chance of an accident. We want your every road trip to be safe, so Network Auto Body wants you to understand how to prepare your vehicle for your next road trip best.

Preparing for Holiday Road Trips

Route Planning. Plan your route and plan a backup. You could run into a road work that requires a detour, so knowing the best alternative ways can help you remain on schedule. Consider buying a GPS unit like a TomTom or an app such as Google Waze. The latter option gives you live traffic updates, too.
Road Emergency Kit. Pack an emergency kit with boots, blankets, flares, a flashlight, a tool kit, a snow shovel, and non-perishable food and water. Make sure you pack plastic ware, too, plus a few bottles of car oil and at least one gallon of antifreeze. Hot packs and a battery-powered heater also make a good idea, such as extra windshield wipers and wipers. Clorox wipes plus jumper cables round out the shortlist of things you should have in your emergency kit.
Change the oil and oil filter. Have a mechanic do this for you to conduct the maintenance check at the same time. Call it multitasking. Ask that they also change the air filter.
Clean the interior and exterior of the car. You can get it detailed or do it yourself. Place a road map, notepad, and pen or pencil where you can easily find it and access it. Place a small trash bag inside the car to help keep it clean.
Change the spark plugs. They may not be changed yet, but change the spark plugs before you go on a trip.
Conduct a trunk check. You should have a spare tire, tire iron, and carjack as well as a fire extinguisher in the trunk. Also, pack a few old towels in case you need to clean off a dirty windshield.
Pack your spare car key in your pocket. If you lock your keys in the car, you can immediately get back in the car without the expense of a locksmith.
Pack a must-have kit for the front seat. You will probably lose cell phone service at some point, so download any podcast you want to listen to and save your music to an SD card or take CDs. Pack a phone charger that plugs into the battery outlet. Also, pack your car owner’s manual, so you have it handy for reference if anything does happen.
Keep your gas tank and your glass half full. Your car needs at least half a tank to keep the lines from freezing in cold weather. It would help if you remain hydrated, so drink water throughout the trip.
Remember to drive the speed limit or close to it—plan ample time for your trip. Plan to stop for the night if any leg of the trip exceeds 350 to 400 miles. That becomes a workday of pure road time when you factor in bathroom breaks, lunch stops, and coffee stops. It would help if you slept, so plan for the hotel and enjoy the road trip.

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