April is the month of paying extra attention to your cars, and that is why people celebrate National Car Care Month. You can improve your vehicle’s efficiency through some simple maintenance tips. This will help you save time, effort, and money that you may spend if the vehicle does not get the proper care. Just like your body, your car needs attention too.

Following maintenance routine will help you increase the life of the parts and the vehicle as a whole. According to different surveys, about 35 percent of the car owners skipped recommended maintenance sessions, and consequently, the number of breakdowns increased.

If you are searching for cost-effective ways to maintain your vehicle, some of them are stated below. Give them a read and avoid costly repairs and roadside breakdowns.

1. Keep the Lubricants in Check

Keep the car’s lubricants in check just like you keep your water intake checked. Oil, filters, transmission, brake, power steering, coolant, windshield, and washer fluids make it easier for your vehicle to operate. If the lubricants dry out, your car will respond and cause problems for you.

2. Hose Inspection is Mandatory

Cracked, frayed, glazed v-belts are warning signs that you have worn them excessive times, and a replacement is necessary now. The clearest sign is the belts become loose. If you want to make sure there is no severe engine damage, check the hoses every time you change the oil. This will help you get rid of loose, cracked, frayed, and glazed belts.

3. Have You Checked the Brake System?

The oil change comes with several tiny inspection sessions, and the brake system check is most important. Keep an eye on the engine brake system and get the linings, rotors, and drums deeply checked.

4. Battery Might Be Under Attack

The battery of your vehicle should have a clean, intact, and corrosion-free connection. Replace your battery every three years, and the new one must be tested before placement. Broken or rusty connections can cause trouble when you are on the road.

5. Exhaust Leaks are not Good

Leaking exhausts are very dangerous, and you must correct them without any delay. Check the exhaust system of the vehicle for any leaks or broken supports. In either case, get the system fixed before it gets too late.

6. Tire Pressure

Replace tires when needed but this car care month, do not forget to check the pressure of tires. Change them and enjoy smoother drives for the next few months.

7. HVAC System

Everyone wants a comfortable environment in the car. You must want it too, and inspecting the HVAC system can assure comfort. Also, it helps in ensuring safety measures in the car. Cooling, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) problems can be critical for your health like defrosting or excessive heat.

8. Check Lights and Assure Safety

Care about the vehicle, but keep yourself safe too. Inspect all the lights of the car for safer travel. It is better to replace lights every six months before they crack or their battery dies.


National Car Care Month is celebrated to make sure you give your vehicles the importance they deserve. It is not just about changing oil but follow the right maintenance tips. You can save a lot of money if you keep your car in good shape. Otherwise, you may have to spend hundreds of bucks and a lot of time getting the job done by professionals. Keep your vehicle maintained to perfection and stay safe. Happy National Car Care Month!

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