Los Angeles Auto Lease Return Reconditioning

Is your vehicle currently on an auto lease in Los Angeles? Worried about returning a leased car with damage? Don’t worry! Network Auto Body has your back. Our professionals will recondition your car and save you from the hefty fee.

Trust Us With Your Auto Lease Returns

Leasing a vehicle is an excellent way to get the car you need without having to spend a fortune. You can drive around the right vehicle at a price you can afford. But what happens when that lease is up and you have to return your car to the dealership? You don’t want to be charged hefty fees for damages beyond the lease agreement! Let Network Auto Body in Los Angeles handle the damage on your leased car.

Why Choose Our Lease Car Repairs?

It’s nearly impossible to avoid damage to your vehicle, no matter how safe a driver you are. Common damage includes:
  • Damage caused by flying debris on the highway
  • Excessive Bumps and scrapes caused by parking your vehicle
  • Scratches exceeding allotted size and depth
  • Collision damage
You may be charged for what is damaged beyond normal wear and tear. Unless you let our auto repair shop for lease returns in Los Angeles handle the problem for you.

Exclusive Body Shop for Top Dealerships

Network Auto Body Inc. has partnered with passionate dealers who are not only experts in their market but who also share our vision of nurturing a purposeful way of doing business.

We Safely Reverse The Damages To Your Leased Car

Network Auto Body specializes in reconditioning vehicles, returning them to their original pristine condition. You’ll be able to return that leased vehicle without incurring a single penny’s worth of repair fees charged back to you.

What do we do to recondition your vehicle?

  • Color sand and polish to remove light scratches without affecting the paint job
  • Remove dents without damaging the paint (Paintless Dent Removal)
  • Recondition wheels
  • Replace damaged, cracked, or chipped glass
  • Restore headlights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lease inspection is when a third party inspector examines your vehicles’ exterior and interior to check if there is any damage or not.
Yes, you will have to pay for any mileage overage, excessive wear and tear, as well as the disposition fee when returning a vehicle.
In general, the individual leasing a car is accountable for any maintenance and repairs that aren’t covered by the warranty and is expected to return the vehicle in a fair condition.
Although some lease agreements permit minor scratches on leased cars, your lease agreement requires that you return your lease vehicle in its original condition.

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