What could be more awesome than loading your family into your car and taking them on the road for a weekend/week of sightseeing around your state or country? If you want to save on your vacation, a road trip is definitely the way to go!

Like all travels, road trips present their own unique set of challenges you’ll have to face. Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect road trip with as few problems as possible:

Get your car checked out — ALWAYS take your car to the shop before traveling long distance. Get the vehicle tuned up, your tires aligned and balanced, the oil changed, and basic maintenance provided. This will help to reduce your risk of breakdowns while on the road. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with engine trouble!

Plan your route — It can be fun to simply drive out of town without a destination in mind, but that’s how you end up lost. It’s smarter to plan the route to your destination, with a map/GPS system to help you stay on track. That way, you’ll always know how to find help in case of car troubles.

Establish a budget — Before you head out, set aside a certain amount of money to spend on food, lodging, and activities. This way, you won’t go broke over the course of your road trip. Don’t forget to bring a bit of cash in case you find yourself away from an ATM, and always have money set aside in case of emergencies or car trouble.

Keep an open mind — Just because you know where you’re going, that doesn’t mean you have to plan every detail of the trip! Once you’ve set your destination, be flexible with your trip. If you find something interesting along the way, stop and enjoy it. Take in the sights, be relaxed, and experience all the wonderful things your state and country has to offer.

Save whenever possible — Fill up your car at the cheaper gas stations, try to find cheaper places to eat, and drive the speed limit to reduce excessive gas use. Spend a night or two camping to save on hotel bills, and shop for groceries instead of eating three meals out. The more you save on travel expenses, the more you’ll have to spend on activities.

Pack smart — Don’t overload your car, as too much weight will reduce the fuel efficiency and increase the risk of car trouble. Have everyone pack light and smart, and only bring what they need. Make sure you can see out of the rear-view mirror and both side mirrors, as well as over your shoulders for your blind spots.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be ready for your awesome road trip!

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