Getting the right paint color for your car after a repair is one of the most challenging aspects of bodywork that a shop does. The professionals at Network Auto Body have mastered this challenge so that your vehicle will look like it did before the accident. We use a computerized color-matching system to create the original factory car paint formula that was on your vehicle.

Color Matching

Creating the correct color by hand is nearly impossible. You have to have the exact amount of pigment to create the original color from the manufacturer. Additionally, other factors come into making the paint the same color including how much it faded from the sun, the difference in paint guns, the angle at which the paint gun was held when it was sprayed originally and more.
In addition to the pigment, the formula includes resin to provide adhesion to the surface of the vehicle and solvent to reduce the viscosity of the paint to make it easier to transfer from one container to the other, and to spray through a paint gun.

Paint Blending

Once the technician obtains the correct color and sprays the vehicle, he or she will blend the paint. This means that if your vehicle only needs the front fender painted, the technician will spray a small amount over the hood, the door and the bumper to “blend” the almost-perfect paint with the factory paint. This trick has been used for decades since creating the color that is actually on your vehicle is nearly impossible because of fade from the sun and elements.

Contact Network Auto Body

After you have been in an accident or if someone “dings” your vehicle in a parking lot, contact Network Auto Body to repair the damaged portion of your vehicle, including matching the original paint with our computerized color-matching system.

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