Keeping the paint job on your vehicle in good condition is paramount to keeping rust at bay. Most people know that if the metal is exposed to water, it rusts—but just what is rust? The metals used on vehicles serve as anodes and cathodes. By themselves, they would last forever. But, add something that acts as an electrolyte, such as rainwater, and you have a chemical reaction that creates rust. Once you get a scratch on the paint, water seeps into the scratch and the rust starts under the paint where you don’t see it.

Vehicle Body Protection Tips

Keep your automotive car paint in good condition by keeping it clean and keeping scratches and dents covered.

  • Make sure the body shop uses quality paint when repairing dents and scratches in your vehicle, or if the shop needs to repaint your vehicle after an accident.
  • Don’t ignore minor dents and scratches. Repair them as soon as possible so rust doesn’t have a chance to form under the paint. If rust forms under the paint, it will make the good paint bubble and peel.
  • If you wax your vehicle, use a gentle wax and never use wax that advertises “cleaning and waxing” at the same time.
  • Always wash the car before you wax it. Particles of dust, dirt and other matter on the vehicle will scratch the vehicle as you rub the wax in.
  • Spray wax doesn’t last more than about a week. Some other waxes could last up to six months, though most last about four to six weeks.
  • Don’t get wax on the plastic and rubber parts of the vehicle, such as windshield wipers and bumpers. The wax will disintegrate those materials. Using paste wax is the easiest because you are less likely to get it where it’s not supposed to be.

Learn More About Automotive Painting

If your vehicle needs to be painted, contact Network Auto Body to set up an appointment. To learn more about the different types of paint, give us a call to discuss the best type for your vehicle.

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