Minor auto accidents, also known as fender benders, are the most common type of automobile accidents and they typically don’t result in serious injuries or vehicle damage. However, even a minor accident can cause major damage, so whether there is obvious damage or not, it’s best to have the vehicle inspected after any accident. Here are some things to be aware of following a minor accident that may be a major damage sign.


Alignment problems can start small and quickly get out of control. When a vehicle is properly aligned the tires will wear evenly, it will drive in a straight line without pulling and the overall ride will be smooth. However, even a small accident can cause misalignment. Continuing to drive a vehicle that needs an alignment can cause a series of other, more serious problems, including a more serious accident. If you notice the alignment is off following a minor accident, have the vehicle inspected to avoid the risk of damage to the suspension, brakes and tires.

Check Engine Light Flickers

Anytime the check engine light comes on, you shouldn’t ignore it. If the check engine light flickers or stays on following an accident, it may warn that there is something wrong with the engine. Remember that small problems are often the sign of a larger problem and certain problems can worsen quickly. A flickering check engine light following a minor accident is often a sign that you should take the vehicle to be inspected as soon as possible.


Even minor accidents that result in very little damage to your vehicle’s body can cause damage in unseen places. All it takes is the right contact to cause a nick or pinch that damages the oil line, radiator or other fluid reservoirs under the hood. If you notice any fluids leaking under the vehicle, it’s important to have the vehicle inspected right away to determine the leak’s source before there is permanent damage.


You may think the few scratches from that minor accident aren’t a big deal, but they can cause more damage than you think. A minor scratch may eventually start to rust and rust spots often travel under the paint and eventually eat holes in the panels, making the small scratch a large, expensive problem. The best way to avoid the risk is to have even small, minor scratches repaired as soon as possible after the accident.

Exhaust Problems

One of the most common problems following a minor accident, especially from the rear, is exhaust damage. Even something as small as the tailpipe being bent cause lead to the exhaust system failing to remove toxic fumes, cause overheating and reduce your fuel economy. If you have been in a minor accident and are noticing a rattling noise, an odor inside the vehicle or a change in the exhaust, you must have the vehicle inspected right away.

Your vehicle is probably one of your most expensive investments and it’s something you depend on daily. So, your vehicle must be reliable and safe, especially after an accident, regardless of how minor the accident was. It’s important to keep in mind that even small, unnoticeable things caused by a minor auto accident can lead to major problems with the frame, under the hood, and the body panels. If you notice anything unusual, it may be time to have the vehicle checked out to make sure there isn’t damage you are unaware of.

If you were in an automobile accident, whether it was a minor accident or a major collision, contact Network Auto Body to inspect your vehicle and repaired.

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