Snow, ice and cold temperatures have the potential to pose a major danger to drivers. Driving safe becomes more important during periods of inclement weather. You should already know to give yourself more time to get to your destination and to keep a safe following distance when conditions are poor, and visibility is limited, but there are a bevy of other tips that you should abide by to travel safely in the winter weather. Here’s a look:

1. Keep your headlights on: Even during the daylight hours, keeping your headlights on in periods of snow or limited visibility doesn’t just help you navigate better, but it also alerts other drivers of your presence.

2. Clean your vehicle of snow: Don’t just brush off the windshield and windows, make sure you’re brushing off the headlamps, tail lamps and roof of your vehicle as well.

3. Make sure you’re good to go: Top off your fluids (especially antifreeze), replace your wiper blades if necessary and make sure your battery is equipped to handle the colder winter temperatures.

4. Pack an emergency kit: Keep things like a blanket, an emergency flare, contact numbers, snacks and a spare cell phone charger handy just in case you become stranded.

5. Don’t test your luck: If the weather is too daunting, simply stay off the roads. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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