Finding a good auto body shop in Los Angeles may often seem easier said than done. With hundreds of body shops to choose from and thousands of reviews on Yelp and Google, how can you possibly find just one automotive body shop that offers quality repairs at a reasonable price?

Here are a few tips to help you in your search for a reputable cars body shop:


Listen to Recommendations – If you have friends or family members who have been using one body shop for years and are happy with the service, it’s worth considering. Word of mouth is the best way to get an accurate review of a body shop, especially one that doesn’t advertise on the internet as much.


Ask Questions – Don’t go into the body shop and say, “Here’s my car, how much will it cost to fix?” You need to ask questions like, “What warranties do you offer on the repairs?”, “Will you use OEM (new) or aftermarket (used or third party) parts?”, and “How will you treat the added expenses of hidden damage?” The more you ask, the more likely you’ll be to get an accurate, reliable answer.


Ask for Multiple Estimates – One good way to find a reputable body shop is to obtain an estimate from multiple shops. That way, you’ll be able to compare the estimates and see which body shops offer the best quality repairs (including parts and labor) at the best price. A too-high estimate is usually a sign the body shop is overcharging, but a too-low estimate could indicate low quality parts and shoddy repairs.


Think about Overhead Costs – If the body shop is located in Malibu or Hollywood, you can expect the overhead costs of running the place to be VERY high—ergo, higher repair costs. Larger body shops also often have to pay higher wages to more employees. Working with a small, reputable family-owned body shop may be a good way to find cheaper labor costs and still get quality repairs. On the flip side, you may find that a larger body shop has the equipment required to do top-notch work at a much faster pace, meaning fewer hours required to repair the vehicle.


Trust Your Gut – If the shop looks “iffy”, dirty, and poorly organized, it’s probably not the best choice. A clean, neat, and well-run body shop will do a good job on your car. Get a feel for the owner, the manager, the mechanics, and the staff. Trust your intuition on whether or not you should go with the body shop or try to find another.


It can be tough to find a good auto body shop in Los Angeles, but not with Network Auto Body to help! We’ll make sure your car is fully repaired and road-worthy, using only the best quality parts and doing the repairs at a price you’ll love.

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