“Dented is equal to tainted.” Facebook and Pinterest are flooded with unconventional methods of remedying a dent of a car. The good old plunger and boiling water method, the hairdryer, and compressed air procedure and how can we forget wooden dowels and hot glue method, all of these remedies circulating on the internet might be useful in repairing a minor dent every once in a while. Still, one cannot rely on these methods every time.

Dents are a problem that every driver has to face at least once in his/her life. Treating whether larger dents or small digs surely takes a whole lot of concentration and accuracy. It is a complicated process that must be handled by professionals trained to do their job and who have the necessary tools for the process. They are experienced, which is why they can be trusted. Despite many fails, people still refuse to trust professionals and try to repair the dents on their vehicles. Here are some reasons why that shouldn’t be the case:


You might think, “why spend money on repairing something which isn’t hurting or affecting the performance of your vehicle?” But the fact which is not generally known is that dents can turn into rust spots and even paint damage quickly if not repaired soon. With that being said, attempting to repair a dent can cause you to chip off the paint or also result in a damaged panel, which is why you must go to a professional or a service provider like Network Auto Body to repair the dents on your vehicle.


While you think that dents affect your vehicle’s exterior, you might be in for a shock when you realize that the dent, which looked completely harmless, can exacerbate the damage. This can cause you to spend even more money than you would have spent on getting the dent repaired from a professional or a service provider. A dent can also affect your car’s value from five to ten percent by causing a consequent loss in its residual value.


For a minute, let’s assume that you might even end up successfully plunging that ugly dent off your vehicle, but you can’t deny that it might not feel like the same as before. Auto shop workers at Network Auto Body are proficient and well experienced in repairing dents, and they know how to do their job accurately and efficiently. These workers are not only responsible for flattening the dent but also blending high spots, match the paint job, and touchups to eliminate any doubt.
The whole procedure of dent repair is a technical one, which includes the dolly and hammer technique, fitting welds into the studs, and pulling the body with a suction cup. Now that you have read briefly about why it is essential to hire a professional for repairing dents in your vehicle rather than trying the home remedies, you must opt for a body repair shop suitable and cost-friendly for the job. Fortunately, for you, we have already found one. Network Auto Body is the answer to all your needs for the aesthetics of your vehicle. We promise a safe, completed, and efficient journey with an assurance.

Next time your vehicle gets a dent or needs a paint job. Call us!

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