Car accidents, whether minor or significant are always devastating; thanks to airbags, the ratio of mortalities have gone relatively low over the years, but it still doesn’t make them any more comfortable. While the victim is feeling a rush the last thing on their mind is repairs and damages.

Here are some very common myths which are associated with common car collisions and its aftermath:


Yes, indeed, insurance companies usually recommend body shops for your repairs and maintenance after car collisions, but you don’t need to agree to their recommendation. Most people think that the insurance company will not cover the expenses if the vehicle is not repaired by the body shop or a service provider they recommended, which is entirely untrue. Take your due time and cut a deal with your respective insurance company to make sure you make a thoughtful decision.

Also, these insurance companies want to get the job done as quickly as possible as the more time a case will take, the more costs they will have to cover. But it would help if you remembered that you are the decision-maker and you should opt for a service provider like Network Auto Body for your repairs and the insurance company will pay for it.


Even if one opts for a good auto body shop, get the repairs done and also gets the insurance company to cover for it, it is very likely that he/she still won’t be satisfied and feel that the vehicle isn’t the same as before. But we are here to tell you that your car can be like back through OEM.

Original Equipment Manufacturer is the repairing procedure laid out by the manufacturer of your car. Though it is a little heavy on the pocket but can surely bring back the bent frame of your car to its original shape like before if it isn’t structurally weakened. Like most body shops, Network Auto Body has highly trained technicians who can follow OEM guidelines and make sure your four-wheeler forgets that it was ever in an accident and that it was the same as before.


It is commonly assumed that your dealership company can only repair your vehicle appropriately as only they have access to OEM parts. But in fact, many body shops are already using OEM parts the same as dealers, and they even have more types of equipment and trained certifications than the dealer. Independent shops are more nurturing and dedicated to repairs than dealers, so you must do your research and opt for one that is the best for you, your vehicle and your pocket.

You can’t put a price on safety, so one must efficiently deal with collision repairs. Rash and expensive decisions can lead to making decisions that one might regret later. We understand that car accidents can be difficult, and one is not always in the most exact condition to make a decision then and there. That is why it is essential to take your due time and research before choosing a body shop for the repairs of your vehicle.

Companies like Network Auto Body are dedicated to providing the best of service at the best of prices. We believe in walking hand in hand at devastating times like accidents and collisions

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