When a windshield is dirty, it can impair the driver’s visibility. It can also increase fatigue and impede a person’s driving ability. For this reason, it is imperative to clean your windshield on both the inside and outside.

It’s More Complicated Than It Looks

When you first decide to clean your windshield, it seems like an easy task. Yet, if you aren’t careful, you will end up with a windshield that is streaked and messy. Without the correct cleaning products and techniques, it will become more of a distraction than it was. However, when you have the proper technique and products, the result is a clean, crystal clear windshield.

Clean the Inside first

If you want to ensure you get all the glass cleaner on the windshield only, don’t spray the cleaner directly at the windshield. When you do this, you lose most of the product on the dashboard and other interior areas. This is not only a waste of cleaner, but you may be damaging the interior of your car with the chemicals in the cleaner. Instead, spray the cleaner directly on the cloth you are using to clean the windshield with.

Use the Right Cloth

The best type of cloth to use when cleaning a windshield is a microfiber cloth. Although it is soft, it has excellent scrubbing abilities and the ability to absorb dirt and grime. Some people use newspaper to wash a windshield, but this can leave behind ink residue on the interior and hands.

Utilize the Right Motions

The correct wiping motion is the key to a clean windshield. The best way to clean is to use an up and down and a side-to-side wiping motion. This is much more efficient than wiping the windshield in a circular motion.

Cleaning the Outside of the Windshield

Now that you have wiped away all the interior grime on your windshield, it’s time to move to the outside. First, you need to wash the exterior of your vehicle. Ensure you wash away as much of the dirt, grime, and bugs from the outside of your vehicle windows. It doesn’t matter if you take the car through a car wash or do it by hand. Washing the exterior of the vehicle first will make window washing easier.

Spray the Cleaner Directly on the Exterior of the Window

Unlike the interior of the windows, you should spray the cleaner directly on the window. By doing so, it aids in dissolving any bugs and dirt remaining that the car wash missed. Spray the cleaner evenly all over the entire surface of the glass. To ensure the cleanser doesn’t dry, work in small sections.

After you are finished cleaning your vehicle’s windshield, move to the back window and duplicate these steps. Once you have done this, move to the side windows and wash them in the same manner.

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