Vehicle accidents can be stressful, and even a fender bender can turn into a big problem. But fortunately, there are things you can do after a minor accident that can help you move on with getting your vehicle repaired and putting the collision behind you faster. The first thing you should do is to move the cars out of the way of traffic. With a minor collision like a fender bender, both vehicles should still be easily drivable. Moving them reduces the chances that they might be struck by another vehicle whose driver doesn’t realize the accident has occurred.

Safety First, But Then You Need Knowledge and Info

After you’ve moved the cars, you want to exchange information. When you look for collision repair Los Angeles will have plenty of options to choose from. But if the other person is at fault and you want their insurance to pay for it, you’ll need to know who they are and what company is covering them. Then the auto body shop can work with the other party’s insurance company to get the repairs to your car completed.

Good Pictures and Notes Can Really Help Your Case

Take pictures of the accident damage to your vehicle, and the place where the accident took place. You may also want to make some notes about what happened, and get information from the police officer when they arrive to make a report. That way you can contact the authorities later if you need to. Then call your insurance company to get the process of getting your car fixed started.

The Right Repair Shop Can Fix Your Car Quickly and Efficiently

You’ll need a collision repair shop to fix your car, and your insurance company may suggest options. But it’s up to you which shop you use, and you want to pick one that you can trust and feel good about. Does your car need repair after a fender bender? Get a FREE online estimate or schedule an appointment at one of our LA locations today!

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