It’s the new year so it’s time to make sure that your vehicle is in top shape. Many people think they only need auto body work when they’re in a major accident. This simply isn’t true. Not getting your vehicle the bodywork it needs promptly could lead to rust and decay, decreasing its lifespan and performance. If any of the following situations apply to your car, take it to a trusted body shop to determine if further repair is necessary.

1. Minor damage from an accident

Even a small fender bender or a run-in with the side of your garage could cause enough damage that you should get it inspected.

2. Winter driving

You might not think that an auto body shop in Los Angeles sees very many vehicles that show the effects of winter driving. However, if you visit family and friends in wintery climates, chances are that your vehicle has been exposed to road salt. The effects of this salt on unprotected cars could damage it.

3. You notice rust

Rust is not only unsightly, it can spread and lead to further damage. Common places to find rust include around your vehicle’s wheel wells and along the door frame. If you see rust, contact a body shop for remediation right away.

4. An accident caused significant damage

Even if you were able to drive your vehicle after the accident, if a portion of it, such as a door, quarter panel or the hood, cannot be used as it was intended, you should have a body shop look at it.

When deciding the best professional for the job, choose only a certified body shop in Los Angeles. Doing so ensures that your vehicle gets the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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