Keeping your car looking brand new not only makes it look better, doing so can help it last longer as well. Just follow this expert guide on how to keeping your car looking as good as the day you drove it off the lot.

Wash it Often

While some people obsessively keep their vehicles washed and waxed from the day they purchased them, many people don’t bother to do so or simply wash their car sporadically. While much depends on the climate of where you live, the exposure your car has to nature and other elements, most cars can benefit from being washed at least every other week. For cars that get exceptionally dirty thanks to bugs, long commute and the salty ocean air, once a week is best.

Waxing Beautifies Your Car

Waxing brings out the shine in your car’s paint job, but its benefits are more than skin deep. It also helps protect your car’s gorgeous paint job from minor irritants that can wreak damage and reduce its value. Plan to wax your car at least every three months.

Pay Attention to Where You Park

In today’s fast-paced and busy world, it makes sense to park as close to stores as conveniently possible. Doing so, though, can put your car more at risk of getting dings and dents from the people in other vehicles who banged into yours as they exit. Instead, search for a parking spot in a less busy area of the parking lot.

Sometimes your car starts to look dingy and dented even if you’re careful. If that sounds like your vehicle, a body shop in Los Angelesprovides the services you need. Contact Network Auto Body, a local Los Angeles auto body repair shop, to schedule a quote today!

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