Finding a good body shop to do your vehicle repairs is often easier said than done. You can spend hours poring through the local Yellow Pages or reading Yelp reviews to find a body shop that does good work. Or, why not simply look for a body shop that is I-CAR Gold Certified?

I-CAR is an organization that specializes in improving business performance, enhancing employee development, contributing to proper repairs, and maintaining professional business standards for body shops in the United States. The I-CAR training programs  ensure that technicians and body shops are up to date with the latest technologies and stay current with collision repair techniques. Receiving I-CAR Gold Certification is proof that a body shop is committed to providing you with the best quality service.

Here are some advantages to working with an I-CAR Gold Certified Body Shop:

Better overall business performance. The I-CAR training programs help shop owners to run their businesses better, including cutting their overhead costs and improving repairs. This increases the chance you’ll get a fair, affordable price for your car repair, and the facilities will be in better condition with better quality equipment.

Skilled staff. The I-CAR training ensures that not only the manager or owner is savvy, but that the technicians have all the skills needed to provide quality repairs. This includes everything from assessing damage to filing insurance reports to carrying out the actual repairs.

Great customer service. A lot of the I-CAR training materials focus on improving customer service in every aspect. Not only will you be treated better, but the cycle time will be reduced and the work quality increased. I-CAR Gold Certification means the body shop is placing your satisfaction at the top of its priority list.

More advanced technology. Gone are the days of beating dents out of a car by hand or trying to match paint colors by eye. I-CAR training programs provide technicians with the knowledge of how to use the latest body shop technology and equipment. I-CAR Gold Certification is only given to body shops that integrate modern technology effectively.

Better network referral opportunities. Your car dealership and insurance company are more likely to work with a body shop that is I-CAR Gold Certified. They understand that the certification is a necessary way to prove that the body shop is going to provide the high standards of repair they require. In fact, many insurance companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers WON’T work with a body shop that isn’t I-CAR Gold Certified.

As you can see, the I-CAR certification is something you always want to look for. It’s proof that the body shop you’re considering has the best in technology, training, and customer service‚ÄĒeverything needed for quality repairs to your vehicle, and at a fair price!

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