Accidents and breakdowns are inevitable occurrences in cars. You rely on the car for most trips you make to run your errands, and when it gets damaged, it requires a reliable auto body repair shop to fix it.

However, getting a reputable auto body repair shop is normally daunting. Therefore, what exactly should you consider when searching for an efficient shop for repairs whenever you need one? Here is a list of questions to ask an auto body repair shop to ascertain its credibility before settling for their services:

1.) Do you have a warranty?

This key question outlines the auto body repair shop’s confidence in its services even to offer a warranty. However, having one is not guaranteed until you can sufficiently identify the kind of warranty they offer, how long it lasts, what it covers, and what can nullify the warranty. You’ll better understand the pros and cons if you’re in the know. Most warranties cover fitting, finishing, functionality, and general repair.

2.) Are you a certified auto body repair shop?

Ideally, any shop repairing your vehicle must be certified. Therefore, the question of certification is paramount to avoid dubious work or irregularities during the repair process. Certified auto body repair shops maintain the expected standard of quality recommended by certification authorities and consistently offer professional services as compared to uncertified ones.

3.) How long do the repairs take?

The extent of the damage mostly dictates the duration of car repairs. It is crucial to inquire for an estimated time from the auto body repair shop. Knowing the repair duration will help determine the time and money you may spend using a rental car if you must.

4.) Do you have repair experience for this car’s model?

However fast you may need the repair, it is essential to consider the experience of the auto body repair shop with the types of models they work on. You would not want to leave your car in the care of inexperienced mechanics, pay expensively, and later suffer the consequences of low functionality. Once this question has been answered, you will be confident and assured of better services.

5.) Is there any documentation and inspections of damage?

Inquire whether the shop inspects the level of damage and documents it. For instance, will they give you a report before they can begin working on the vehicle? Is there any inspection once repairs are done and a report is issued thereafter?

6.) What are the payment policies?

This question might sound obvious, but it is very important. Ask about their preferred method of payment. Do they accept cheques, cash, or credit cards? Always get clarification from the auto body repair shop to avoid payment problems after the repair.

7.) Is your car covered by the auto body repair shop’s insurance coverage while in repair?

Lastly, your auto insurance policy is under the assumption that you have your car at all times. If the car spends four days at the shop, you have to ask about the coverage under their roof and what the insurance coverage is. Do they have fire or theft insurance for all cars left under their care?

In conclusion, be keen to lay down the above questions to avoid any discrepancies with your repair shop. Whether it’s the duration of the repair, payment policies, warrants, or experience, the questions require adequate responses before the repairs commence.

If you have auto body related questions or your car is in need of any auto body repairs, contact Network Auto Body.

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