There are a lot of collision repair myths around, and unfortunately many people believe these myths. That can lead them to spending too much, not getting their car fixed the way they want, or not using a Los Angeles repair shop that they prefer. But you can avoid all of that by knowing what’s accurate. Here are four myths that just aren’t true, so you can make better auto collision repair choices in the future.

1. You Need Three Estimates for Your Insurance Company to Pay

While your insurance company can certainly recommend that you do this, most states don’t require it. You’re already stressed out enough about the accident and the repairs. You don’t have to make that stress worse by talking to a bunch of different collision repair shops.

2. You Can Only Get OEM Parts at a Dealership

Dealerships have plenty of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, but so do reputable auto collision repair shops. Don’t let a dealership or your insurance company talk you into going somewhere you don’t want to go, or you don’t feel good about, based on the parts you can allegedly get there.

3. You Have to Use the Repair Shop Your Insurance Company Chooses

Your insurance company probably has a collision repair shop or two in Los Angeles that they commonly do business with or would recommend. But that doesn’t mean you have to take your car there. You can take it to a different shop to get it fixed. It’s your car, and the insurance company isn’t in charge of it.

4. You Can’t Have a Damaged Frame Fixed

Most frames that are damaged but not weakened can be repaired. You don’t have to “total” your car and get a new one because of frame damage anymore, especially with the newer cars that have unibody frames. Talk to the collision repair shop about fixing your car, instead of scrapping it due to frame damage.

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